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Does deletion of a list influence statistics?
I have a system where checked lists are projects, which are fine. But I also have long lasting topics such as Christmas. For those I make a seperate Folder with new Lists in it like;

- Christmas
- Buying a House

they last long, some until a due date. Is this the way to organize projects that have multiple sub-projects like "dinner with family" or "buy christmas presents" which I see as projects as David Allen says, everything containing more than one step, is a project.

However, Christmas comes and goes. So I delete the list Christmas, as closing will only clutter (I kind of hoped there would be an Archive button) .. But the tasks I will "irrecoverably delete" will be gone which is ok, but I wonder if my statistics and gained pomodoros of that time will too. I noticed that the period in which I had my "done tasks" summary no longer contain those tasks that I delete. Rightfully so, I think.

- Is there a better way to organize multi-project projects like big themes?
- Should I ever delete a list when I want to see what I did in the past?
- Will my statistics be altered when I delete a list?

Thanks for any feedback..

Sorry for the late reply. To answer your questions:

- Currently, there's no others way to organize the projects you mentioned. You can stick to how you do it now.
- If you constantly want to look back on data in the past, we'd recommend you to constantly copy&paste the data from Summary to elsewhere.
- If you delete a list, it will no longer include in the statistics.
Thank you. It makes me reconsider what my lists are as some are too specific as projects. A better approach would be broader topics in work and life that will always exist. It is a shame that there is not one level beyond closing a list (believe me, great feature) but at one point (end of year closure) some closed lists are not worth keeping but you kind of have to, to keep statistics realistic. If there would be an archive option the lists can be gone from view, not recoverable either, but not deleted from TickTick so that statistics and summaries stay intact. Maybe something for a later day.
It is a shame that there deleted list are no longer included in the statistics. I think this conflicts with the "number of lists" limitations. I usually do like @jorgb, with a "every list is a project" approach. But I cannot do that if I want to keep my statistics (and I LOVE statistics :D). So, for now, I am trying to stick to more broad lists.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We will re-evaluate this feedback soon.
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