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I've been charged on Google Play but my account is still 'free'
Why my account is 'free' if I've been charged on Google Play only 2 days ago?

Could you please restore your status: Open TickTick on your Mobile app and restore your Premium status.
1. Tap your Avatar.
2. Tap "Upgrade to Premium".
3. Scroll down the screen and tap"restore" at the bottom.

Keep us posted if it didn't work.
Thanks! I should do that on the Android app, right? (I'm using iOS app also and it's not working there.)
Hi! No, it's not working (I've tried both Android and iOS apps). Btw I see that subscription was done through the Android GTask app (it named 'TickTick Monthly (GTasks: Todo List & Task List)'). What should I do to restore it?

Could you please provide your TickTick account and transaction ID to We will check it for you asap.
Ok, provided.
Hi! I have this problem again. Could you help?
This is a known issue that caused to some of the users subscribed from GTasks. We will try to fix it asap and release a new version. Thanks.
Hi! I have this problem again.
The issue with subscribing from GTasks to TickTick is awared by us. We will fix it asap.
Still not fixed, I can't create tasks. Could you help?
It's been fixed. Please go check. Sorry for the troubles.
Hi, it's happening again, fix please
OK, not needed anymore, I've canceled my Google subscription and subscribed through PayPal (on

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