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Feature Request - Deadline Option
On android, on the date selection screen, it would be cool to be able to add whether it's a planned date or a real deadline date.

Unfortunately, to support this function is not in our current plan.
Can you add it to candidates for after the current planning? I think it is important to see which dates could move and which ones cannot
I second this. Currently I have to use a different system for keeping track of deadlines and it's all very messy. As a student it would be incredibly useful to be able to set a deadline for homework and a separate date for when I plan to do it.
Greg that is exactly what I want! I deadline for homework and the ability to assign a day I'd like to do it. Check out the todo app Things 3, they have it down.
Adding a "Start Date" to TickTick would solve this problem nicely - the "when I need to start this task" reminder.
As a workaround for now you could maybe ad subtasks with the deadline date and a subtask with the working on it date
That's a good workaround idea!
Sara, that's a good idea except you can't add dates to subtasks.
JJ, start dates is only a PRO feature. But basically that's the feature I want, a start date that is a planned start date and an absolute deadline date. IMO, this should be a free feature.
You can add date and time to subtasks. What platform are you using? I can set subtask date and time on the web, android app and windows app. You do it by clicking on the little clock next to the subtask
Oilexxxi, as many people seem to want this functionality, could you please let us know whether it can be added to the development calendar?
I just switched from Things (for now) and I really miss deadlines. It was extremely helpful for a task to appear X days before it was due. For example, my car insurance bill is due on the 20th every three months, the task would appear on my list a week before it was due, with an indication it was due in X days. It was perfect and very helpful.

When creating a recurring task with a deadline, you just choose how many days before the deadline the task appears. Simple yet very powerful.

'Start dates' [feature request] in combination with 'duration' and the 'due date' would solve this.

What makes TickTick so much cooler than Things 3 is the Google calendar view integration where you can move around the blocks of tasks around in between your appointments. Just missing the 'start date'... ;)
I would like to know when my tasks are due and when I plan to complete my tasks. I currently use a different app to track when I will complete my tasks.
+1 ^
I would also love this feature. Adding the ability to time block multiple times with a distinct due date would be very nice.
Not empowering users to manage when a task should be started, as well as when it needs to be finished, is a deal-breaker for me--despite loving the other features of TickTick. I imagine that's true for many others. It leaves me using Things 3 for this essential component, despite the fact that it lacks in so many other features. Please, reconsider this foundational ability.
I would also like this feature.
I want to move over from Things 3 to TickTick for the cross-platform functionality, but this feature is sorely missed.
+1 This function is truly useful and needed.
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