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Feature Request: Skip / Pause Buttons in Pomodoro Mode
Ability to pause a running pomodoro

Ability to skip break (currently only relax and exit buttons are there). I want to start next pomodoro and not interrupt my flow .. i dont want to take a break

Pomo timer is built based on the Pomodoro Technique, in which it doesn't allow users to pause in between a pomo. You shall stay full focused during each pomo until a break. Otherwise, the pomo is seen as abandoned. However, skip break function is already supported in TickTick. Once a break starts, you can tap to finish the break right away.
I'm not using ticktick pomodoro just because I can't pause the timer. It's a very useful feature. There are some situations when I must to pause the timer. For example, I want to use the bathroom or meteorite falls directly to my house. Please, add this feature and if you want, you can disable it by default.
Okay, we will note this feedback down and evaluate it soon. Thanks.
Any progress?
We will implement this feature in the future. It has been decided.
Hi, any idea when it is going to be implemented? Very much looking forward to being able to use it. Sometimes I get interrupted and would like to pick off where I left off but am not "allowed" to.
Guys! Please do not allow a Pause it is completely against the rpurpose and intention of the Pomodora technique. As in, it is the foundation of the productivity method. If a pause is offered then call it something else because it simply is not a pomodora. The purpose is to drive you to focus on one task for the entirety of the pomodora knowing that if you do break then the pomodora was not successful. I have ADHD and have found the pomodora technique to be the only salvation when I find myself langering and not being productive I start a pomodora and I can just glance at that timer when I want to "do something quick"....just 15min I got this!

I would highly recommend productivity challenge timer if you need a more rigid Pomodora system that is kinda a coaching pomodora. Android.

I was thrilled to find the pomodora added to a ticktick update in Andoid. I started to estimate time in pomos and it was built in. Still a few quirks though. I will start a new topic to solve that though.. Thanks!
Please enable this feature. Not all of us are in an environment where we can fully focus. Interruptions happen. Its only because of this feature that I cannot use the built in pomo timer. At least allow us to manually complete pomos (if we use a different timer than the one built in). Those who don't like it can disable it from the settings. When will this feature be implemented?
+1 This is an essential feature.
This is must have function, but I think there should be an option to turn it off or on.
Let people decide if they need this function, while working with pomodoro technique. Please, add a settings toggle, allowing people to pause their pomo.
The argument FOR this feature - you simply may need to answer the phone or go to bathroom or whatever the situation is, when you HAVE to interrupt your work.
Any update on this?
I think another option is allowing people to finish pomodoro before set time ends. Such pomodoro should not count in stats, but the aggegate time spent on pomodoros should.
Could you announce approximate timing of implementation of this feature?

Hi, I work in an open office and cannot control when I get interrupted - it happens probably 10x a day. I get that the Pomodoro technique is meant to help one focus heads down when one does control their environment and interruptions. But, I'd also like to use this timer at work to track how long I spend on different tasks. So, my recommendation is to allow the pomodoro timer to also function more generally as a task timer, and the main thing needed for that is to just add a pause/resume button. From here you can consider building out more - e.g. I like the suggestion above to record a partially completed block e.g. if I spent 21 mins and am done on the task, let me end this pomodoro chunk early and record the time spent to the previous task.

Need to use the bathroom right now, but I guess I'll let my Pomodoro run for the couple minutes I'm gone.
I concur with those who need a pause - interruptions in a business environment happen. It would be easy for your developers to add a switch in the Pomodora settings to allow a pause or no pause - pause (on - off) both sides win and no one has to give up anything. This is a no brainier
I work at home and have three kids and a wife. Emergencies are very likely to happen so pausing the Pom is actually useful to me. I just started using this app but feel a bit disheartened that this feature is not available.
Y'all are just silly... We please not go down the route of redefining the word pomodoro like some are with so many others in the social lexicon. You can take a break if you want!! BREAK FUNCTIONALITY IS ALREADY IMPLEMENTED SILLY JUST PRESS THE CANCEL BUTTON AND YOUR "BREAK" WILL BE RECORDED ��. Suggestion to Devs, implement a shortcut which starts the phones native timer for 25 minutes
Hey Ryan Shaughnessy, where is the cancel button? I only see an exit button that abandons the pomodoro.
Hey there! Guys, your app **is** brilliant!
I've got a foundation to reason: during this week checked more than 30 pomodoro/task apps for Android.

The absence of pomodoro pause is the single flaw for my usage flow. Any chance of open source? I'm ready to contribute the feature even without a bounty.

What is the ETA at this time?
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