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Default reminder doesn't work.
Hello, when I try to set up default reminder, it doesn't show up when I'm creating a new task, so I have to do it manually. Where can the problem be?

Have you tired all the troubleshoots in Settings->Reminders not working?
My reminders do work, however when I change in new task defaults the reminders to 1 day before, it doesn't do anything afterwards. I have to set it up manually for every task.
Could you provide all the settings of an error task for us to reproduce this issue? Do you see the alert icon there?
Hope this will help. I haven't changed anything in the "calendar screen", this is how it was when I opened it.
To make it clearer: it still says "No Reminder" after setting up default reminder in the settings
This is not a bug, but how it's supposed to work. You set the default reminder as 1 day before but didn't set a date for the task. The system wouldn't recognize any reminders at all. For example, you need to set up the task due 17th first, so the app reminds you on 16th.
It still doesn't work even If today is 17th November and I set it for the 22nd. However, if I set the time, the reminder sets automatically. Is there any way to set the time automatically, so the reminder sets itself too?
So, is there any way how to have default reminders working while not setting the time?
We will evaluate your feedback soon.
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