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Tick tick Premium for free?
Is there a way to get ticktick premium for free, for a month?
TickTick follows a different approach in terms of using their service. They do not give away free membership as a trial but instead allows you to use several areas of the service for free, while the paid version is an upgrade for additional features.
It would have been nice if all features were enabled for a week or so after you first install it, and then it will downgrade to the free version if you don't choose to pay for PRO.
That way I would be able to test the app fully for a week after I've installed it to see if it will work for my purposes.
I just now today tried switching from GTasks to TickTick... but I really miss having the integration to google tasks... I know I can subscribe to my TickTick from Google calendar... but that doesn't let me edit or change tasks from my calendar.

I would like to try how the calendar in the TickTick app works to see if it could be used instead of my normal calendar app... but I don't want to pay for a month subscription and then 5mins later after I've seen your calendar decide that it doesn't work for my purposes.
Can I subscribe from Google Play and then use the feature to get a refund if I uninstall within an hour? (As you can do with normal paid apps)
You can upgrade by yourself and give it a try first. If you don't feel satisfied afterward, full refund is available within 14 days.
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