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Can you specify a list in Quick Add?
Hi - i've just migrated to Tick Tick from first Omnifocus, and then Things. It's a great app - it doesn't have some of the things the others have, but the biggest win for me is the date parsing in QUick Add. It makes the process super simple. But is there a way to specify which list a new task should go into as well as the time/date?
There is. Use this "^" sign (without the quotes). On the PC, it's Shift+6.

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TickTick devs should really put this somewhere in documentation (make it more visible). I've been waiting for this option for a long time and as it turns out it's already there.
Need Documentation for this guys, took me for around 15min
It's 2018 - took me a few mins to find it even now! You'd think they'd have proper option in the dropdown etc. for something as significant as keyboard shortcuts.
Agree that documentation would be helpful. I've been wondering for a few weeks how to add to a specific list.
Hi everyone, thanks for pointing out this feature! Does anyone know if it's possible to have "Quick Add" default to a particular list? So I can avoid typing in the ^ shortcut each time?
You may use the input box in that particular list to add new tasks.
This doesn't work when creating a new task in the Calendar view on Mac. Any alternative?
On german keyboards you´ll have to use "~", maybe it also works on Mac?
On the web site you can use either "~" or "^" but on the windows version, at least with spanish keyboard, neither of them work. This makes the "quick add" feature nearly useless as you have to use the mouse to quickly capture anything. But the priority and the tag shortcuts work fine on windows and show the dropdown. Strange.
So apparently on Windows it's "^" sign as well although I've seen ~used in other places. Would be super to make this consistent across all devices / platforms!
Thanks @Holi the tilde worked for me on the Mac!
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