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TickTick win app is available now
Hey all,

TickTick PC is available now

Key improvements:

- Native Calendar view

TickTick Team
passed &&finished event dismiss on calendar
When I started the win app, it prompted me to start the upgrade. After I downloaded the upgrade and tried to install it, the installer is in a different language... I cannot read it at all. Not even sure which button to click to continue the upgrade.
It seems there is a bug with the text in the installer. As showed in the snapshot, the language is totally unknown for me:
When trying to install the new update, it brought me to my browser with a link that didn't want to run on Brave or Edge. So I uninstalled TickTick then went to the website to download the latest version. As far as I can tell the newest version is not updating my personal info, and the desktop shortcut is without an image.
Yo guys use this link to download the latest English version:

Best regards,
My Windows 10 app asks me to do an update, but the .exe is being red flagged by my virus software. Something fishy going on?
My windows defender is also tagging this install as a severe trojan, I will hold off on downloading it until that is sorted out.
Firefox not supported?
We have a firefox extension for TickTick.
1901 chinese version. How to update on english version?

And when will be russian translation in win app?
Could you guys implement the function to let the week start on monday instead of sunday?
Can you make it possible to use the Windows app without administrator rights?
Hi Wassim... It's been a while.... Hope all is well.
How is the Windows App. Is it running acceptably in your opinion?

Добавьте Русский язык.
Hey Bob,

How's going, buddy? It's been a while! I am doing great, and I hope you're doing well too.

Well... The Windows app is pretty slow compared to the web version, and it lacks a few features. I think overall it is just fine considering that TickTick still claims it's in Preview mode, even though for me it seems it should be taken out of preview.

I don't know why, but I noticed that most companies focus their apps more on Mac OS when it comes to desktops/laptops, and build a stupidly ridiculous version for their Windows app. This isn't a TickTick thing though, even Todoist has the most stupid app when it comes to Windows 10. I came to a point where I'm seriously considering going fully Mac OS/iOS everywhere to overcome this problem. I don't know if it's Windows Operating Systems to blame or just lack developer's experience. As a software developer myself, I'm more than sure Windows OS is very robust and I have built amazing apps with it, but when it comes to these programs I can't really tell because I have never created an app that does Syncing so I have less experience when it comes to this, and maybe this is the source of the issue...

Best regards,
Hey Wassim :) Glad t hear you are doing well my friend... yes.. it's been a while for sure.

Thanks for the update on the windows version. Much appreciated. I used it at work this past week for general monitoring and updates. Seemed to be working fine and without any noticeable issues. Only one I found was the bug in the calendar app as stated in the other post.

I appreciate your view on companies targeting the Mac OS. I can't really speak to that as I have nothing to compare. I've never used anything but Windows and Android.

I can't remember if I've asked you before about Evernote. If you have not tried it yet... you really need to give it a try. You will not be disappointed with how robust their Windows Version is. They cover all platforms as well. Like with TickTick, I use only their Windows version and their Android version. Both are truly awesome.

I use both TT and EN because they compliment each other. I can copy the link from an EN note and post it in a TT task if the notes I need are significant. I use TT for quick lists and staying organized. IMHO, TT surpasses all with regard to logic and ease of functionality. EN is far more robust with regard to note taking. I can't imagine being without either at this point :)

I'd like to maintain correspondence Wassim. Please reach out to me... bobmcc777 at gmail.

Enjoy your day my friend!
Hello Bob,

Thanks for the information. I have responded by emailing you.

Best regards,
Typing in a due time manually is finicky. The popup that allows you to select the 30 minute increments sometimes doesn't go away and doesn't allow you to set the time.
After immediately creating a task (and pressing enter), you can't click on the task description field on the right. You have to click off the task, then click back onto the task to be able to access the description field.
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