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Premium doesn't work
I'm on Premium since September. Today it was cancelled and the app asks me to upgrade. What's the reason? How can I fix it?
I have the same problem!!! I am premium user for 2years now and this week this happened to me and I have no idea how to solve.
Hello guys,

Could you please try to restore your premium status first? There might be some delay issues exist If it's still not working after a while, please provide your TickTick account and transaction ID to We will look into it for you soon.

Please let me know if restore means upgdare one more time.
No, it means to refresh the status. On which platform did you upgrade?
Refreshing doesn't work. It seems I've upgraded on iPad which I don't use now. Currently I use TickTick on web and Android.

My account is vladimirkuku@gmailcom.
The last transaction was on October, 12.


14 Oct 2017



Hello uladzimirku,

We've checked the record on our side. It seems like your payment stopped from October. You may check your iTunes and associated bank card, see if there's anything wrong with the transaction.
My November payment was due today. Premium account cancelled yesterday.

Bank card is OK. I've checked my iTunes on PC and it's running OK too. How should I proceed?
I see that the payment is pending.
We can't help in this case. Normally, there would be issues with the card. So that the money cannot come through.
Moreover, yesterday iTunes have checked my payment details and ability to pay. It charged and returned 1 USD.
Money can come through. Please see the above message.
Here it looks like it was paid

I can cancel and subscribe on my Android. That's not a problem. Nevertheless, I'm afraid I'll pay twice.
By the way, I'm still have a PRO label here.
Should I wait for any new suggestions? Please let me know.
If you purchased it on iPad, you should restore the premium status on ios only.

Please open TickTick on your Mobile app(ios) and try to restore the status:
You can restore it by:
1. Tap your Avatar.
2. Tap "Upgrade to Premium".
3. Scroll down the screen and tap"restore" at the bottom.
I've tried a few times and it seems doesn't work.
I'm on PRO again. Didn't you fix tthe problem? Will the issue arise again on December, 12 :)
same problem, fix like you
@Анатолий, have you tried to restore the premium status?
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