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Windows app update Chinese!
I just got a notification to Update the Windows app, but when I clicked on update the app downloaded the Chinese version and now the Windows app is broken. What should I do?
Can you please send me the link to the latest English update of the app so I can download it manually? The one on the homepage is incorrect. Thanks.
Yea I'm running into the same thing, I would just recommend downloading directly from the website. But they do need to get this fixed.
So over 24 hours passed with no response from support. Sweet! Makes me very motivated to use TickTick going forward.
I'm facing the same issue. Guys please support us!
Pretty significant mistake, considering they are likely to have spooked a significant portion of their user base with that. At first sight it looks like a hack. But then it just looks like incompetence by a company operating out of Hong Kong. That does not inspire confidence.

Apparently they use AWS, but I wonder if the data for TickTick is end-to-end encrypted.
Hello guys,

Sorry for the troubles. We have released a new version to fix this issue. Please update now and give it a try.
Here's the download link:
I have had that happen in the last three (3) updates.

1. Open Computer in the morning
2. Receive an update notification
3. Click update
4. Get a warning about the software
5. Click Run anyway
6. Get a window with random symbols that are not in any language
7. I proceed to install because I recall the buttons and what they do
8. When installation is finished, the app's main language turns to Chinese
9. The first time I used google translate (live camera mode) to navigate myself to the settings and change the language FROM ENGLISH TO CHINESE
10. Save the change
11. Navigate myself again to the settings window and change it back to English
12. Save the changes
13. It's back to English
Happened again today

Please reinstall it from our website:
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