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Pomo Timer on Web
Pomo Timer feature on the mobile clients is nice, it will be really cool to implement the same feature in the web app too.
Working on it.
Great~ Thanks~
Any updates on it?
Any update from developers?
Please~ any update?
Would love to see this, on the fence and currently using todoist. If there was the same feature for the web client to the ios and estimate pomos that would be a clincher.....
Is there an app where we can vote for features? Maybe even specific to PRO?

I really really want the TickTick Pomo for Web. I use it on mobile, but I use TickTick for work and I don't want to be looking at my phone every 25 minutes. Especially when Tick Tick is on my monitor. Please This would be VERY VERY useful.

+1 for pomo on the web.
+1, it's the only thing the web version lacks, but it's one of the most essential features
It is apparently a hot topic, a lot of users, pro or not, need this feature.

Developer oilexxxi commented on 2017-11-07 that "Working on it." 5 months passed. Can we have an update on the progress, and provide an ETA when this feature can be ready?

+1, pomo on the web, chrome extension should be better
@oilexxxi could you please give us an update?
Another +1 on the web/chrome pomo timer.

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