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Recurring tasks on wrong day after changing Time Zones
I work in different time zones. I have found that when switching between different time zones, my recurring tasks end up on the wrong days. For example... I have a task that I do every Friday. When I change the time zone on my computer, it changes to Thursdays. I would like to be able to change time zones, without having to re-set up all of my recurring tasks.

Thanks for the feedback. We will evaluate it soon.
I️ have the same problem on my iPad but it didn’t change any on my iPhone????
Same here. I have changed timezone from +1 to +2. When I set task time to 1:00 am, dates are working correctly but I don't want have time in this task, only date.
Hello Tomasz,

Could you specify your case? You set the task time to 1am and you didn't want have time for this task?
I do not set a time for my recurring tasks, just a day. And they still keep changing days when I change time zones.
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