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Need "Day View" in Calendar to view one day at a time.
The calendar in the web app offers views for the week or month but not for a single day. Is there a reason for this? Can we have this added to the views for the calendar?
I have written regarding this feature for many times.
It's not convinient to plan day in week view on web.
This feature is really necessary.
Especially when Google Calendar presented new refreshed design and provided more powerfull tools, your team should create such option/
What doesn't make sense is to create a month and week view and not a day view. Most people expect a day view in a calendar because it allows a person just to focus in on the day. Plus, it's been included on the mobile apps but not the web/desktop app? Odd.

We will re-evaluate this feedback again then. Thanks.
Just like Joel said - I can't understand either what's so complicated about adding a relatively minor feature that already exists on another platform. You guys created the ENTIRE calendar feature on all these platforms, what's so complicated about adding just this one tiny additional view?
Another huge vote for this. Trying to work on a day in the web version is really difficult because it is so narrow. I can't read more than a word or two on many of the tasks. But when I use the single or 3 day view on the mobile version, it's incredible. PLEASE add the single day view to the web version. It'll be awesome!

This video posted today by Francesco D'Allessio demonstrates why we need a day view in the web/desktop apps.

It also demonstrates why we need to be able to move future recurring events/tasks in the calendar, just like Google Calendar. If I can do this in TickTick then I won't have to use Google Calendar. Just one app.
Day View will be brought out for the web app soon. It's already in our plan.
That's great news. Love the web app.
I know it's been planned...just submitting another vote for this.
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