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Problem with set due date with Persian calendar set as default cal
I'm using TickTick in my iPhone 5s [iOS 11.0.3] and also on my macOS [10.12.6] with Persian calendar set as default system calendar.

When I set a due date to a task in one of the TickTick apps, after syncing, the date will ether removed on other device, or will disrupted.

For example I set a due date to 1396/08/30 Persian Calendar in macOS, after sync the date will removed in iOS app.
Or I set 23 Nov 2017 in iOS app, after sync, it will show 2017/11/23 *IN PERSIAN CALENDAR*, and says 226920 Day left!

Sorry for the inconvenience. We will look into it and try to fix within the shortest time.
I don't know when, I stop using TickTick because of this issue but someday I check ticktick, and this problem is no longer exist.

update: I switched to Android, maybe this issue is still in iOS version.
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