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Chrome Extension 100% CPU usage
On both Windows and Linux, the chrome extension locks 1 core at 100% cpu usage. I have had this problem for weeks and have ended up uninstalling the chrome extension.

In chrome task manager, it shows, "subframe:" taking up 100% of 1 core.

Could you provide your extension version number? Also, could you see the adding page showing when using right click to add?


And I can see a right click to add menu.

The high cpu usage occurs after a day or so of running the plugin

The issue has been reproduced at the Inbox. Do you see the same issues at other pages (ie. when you right click to add?
The problem occurs even without right clicking. After a while, cpu usage spikes without any interaction on the page.

I have not tested it without inbox open because I always have my email in a tab.

Could you please give it another try, see if there was still issue with right-clicking at the Inbox?
The problem is not with right clicking in inbox.

What I am seeing is that when I open a new tab of, with no interaction at all, "Subframe:" immediately starts using 20-50% of a CPU core. This CPU usage goes to zero when I click on the tick-tick logo in the top right corner of an email.

When I do not click the tick-tick icon, the CPU usage seems to steadily increase until it uses 100% of the CPU core.
When will the be fixed? It is very irritating. This behavior occurs in all of my computers on all operating systems.
.. any update?
We are still trying to figure out a solution to the issue. Could you provide your chrome browser version?
Chrome 62
same problem
chrome 63.0.3239.84
I have same problem
chrome 63.0.3239.84
It has been over 2 months since I first reported the issue. Is this being worked on?
Same problem. :(
Not just extension. Also in Chrome regular. Also in Firefox.
Just started using it, no extension, only the web app. Probably the same problem: CPU usage spikes now and then, even with only one tab open (TickTick web app).
Same here, ticktick at 100% started this week, just visiting ticktick in browser:
This is really worrying.. I've been a customer of ticktick for years and now I'm worried what kind of script ticktick web app is running that is causing 100% cpu usage.. It looks like mining to me.. Could you please prioritize this issue?
@Sajjad, I think it's quite rude to accuse a company of mining without any evidence. You can easily inspect source code of a website and see for yourself, TickTick doesn't contain any crypto currency miners. Website didn't detect any miners either and I personally don't have any issues with 100% spike in CPU.

I am using Firefox 60.0.1 and Ubuntu 18.04.

Sorry for the troubles. We are trying our best to fix this issue for users. Could you provide your browser type and browser version? Using the latest Chrome browser would cause a high CPU usage issue. Have you encountered any stucking issue when using?

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