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Subtast notifications are not reliable
I have a task that repeats on certain days of the week, and has several subtasks that each have a time prescribed to them; frequently the right time on the right day will pass and I won't get a notification; when I look at the task to find out what has happened, all the dates of the subtask notifications will be skewed around, sometimes being off by a day or two in either direction, sometimes off by more than a week.

The only clue I've found is that most of the time, but not all of the time and not only in this case, if I forget to tick off all the subtasks before the next instance comes around, the subtasks' notification will lose place in the reoccurence and permanently shift back by the time between instances of the task.

It would be helpful if the subtask notifications for reoccuring tasks were defined relative to the main task's timing, not as specific times and dates that get updated when the next instance is generated. Regardless, the usefulness of subtask notifications is severely reduced by their unreliability.

Could you please specify your platform?
All platforms, sorry for the misread
I edited the previous response.
I use ticktick on android, macos, and the web, although I don't use the macos client directly much as it's missing features such as UI interaction with subtask notifications. I get notifications on macos and android; and I mark things done in all three places. I do not use the windows client because of how it handles notifications. I use the web client via safari on macos and firefox on windows.
- On which platform did you set up the subtask reminders?
- Is all the error task repeating tasks?
- Did you see missed notifications when you enter the app?
I have recreated this task on all platforms except the macos client at some point

I don't know what you mean by the second question

The notifications are shifted across the week; they remain constant in time of day but are on the wrong day so no notification has been generated. Tonight I found that the notification that should have fired about an hour ago was set to have happened yesterday.
What is your TickTick Andriod version? The previous version had similar bugs, but we've managed to fix it in the latest update., this is the most recent version in the play store, however there is a note about what's new in Again, the most recent version in the store is
Firstly, because the MacOS app doesn't support subtask reminders. The whole logic that's related to subtasks is not developed yet. Even if you tick off the parent task, its subtasks will not be updated. So the time might be messed and remind you incorrectly.

Secondly, try to set up reminders, tick off tasks only on one platform (not on Mac), see if the subtasks reminders would work correctly? We reckon there might be delay issues with the sync. So that each platform cannot receive the request that parent tasks have already been ticked with one another. That's why as you mentioned, subtask reminders sometimes trigger at the old recurring time. Once you enter it, it then sync to the next recurrence.
Hey There, Love TickTick, with the exception of the issue mentioned in this chain, which looks like hasn't been touched for over a year. I'm having the same issue, on a mac, and not being notified of subtask due dates in the today space. When will this be built?
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