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thank you for your beautiful work. We use intensively Ticktick in our company to manage our workflows. We have shared lists, we assign tasks... every feature you've made is very simple and straightforward. Good work!

In order to integrate more tick tick with our workflow we'd like to create a shared list for our support mail. We'd like to forward the emails that our clients send us to a shared list, for keeping track of processed issues... We developed a little tool that send email to our private inbox in ticktick and create task. It works ok, but store tasks in one INBOX folder (not shareable). The goal would be to mark email subject with some Hashtagging to make them go into specific list. Maybe something like "Task1 #SUPPORTLIST" put task directly into SUPPORTLIST on the account. (SUPPORTLIST of course is shared so it can be managed by more people).

Another solution would be to have API for ticktick to create and manage tasks with thirds party integrations. (it would be great, possibly opening you new markets with third party integrations). I saw you made something for Android but cant find if there is API more generic for web integrations (REST or WEBSERVICES or similar).

Thank you for your work!


Hello Roberto,

Thanks for reaching out to us. We will release the API in the future. It takes lots of time to accomplish, so it's clearly not a short-term plan.
How do you do that Roberto please? Like - how do you send to the inbox? How did you create the tool!? Jealous!! :)
Yeah, +1 for API. TickTick is the best choice I got for a task manager app, however...
I've always been in love-hate relationship with my current task manager. No matter how good it is, it's never developed with exactly my tasks and use patterns in mind. There is always that one or two things I wish developers have done differently. API could give a lot of room for personalisation and thus make live a lot easier...
Hi Rob Walden, just a simple VBA in outlook to forward email to our private ticktick mailbox.
Search for email tick tick integration... it is simple!

@ticktickSupport: ... still waiting for mail to specific LIST feature... please!

This feature is very usefull. We need the feature to add #tags aswell.

I´d been working on Todoist and it is very nice. They also put a link on the task that takes you into the email.

@ticktickSupport: Please give us a hand on this feature
An API would indeed be awesome to link with lots of other services and custom tools! Ticktick has quite advanced features so I'm convinced many users are, like me, eager to be able to use the full potential of this awesome tool. An API would allow us to not only fulfill our needs but also make the service more convenient and attract much more users.
Any ETA?..
Hi guys,

Sorry no specific ETA yet.
But in the roadmap, Xin?

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