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Adding tasks via email not working
Adding tasks via email not working - forwarded emails do not appear in tick tick inbox. My colleague has the same issue so its not limited to my account.
I am having the same problem.
So am I

Could you double check whether you've followed the correct instructions and use the right URL?

Keep us posted.
Hello, It's nothing to do with the URL.

The emails have finally showed up in the TickTick inbox, however after a near 24h delay. The email was sent 13/10/17 @ 11:26 AM, but did not show up in TickTick until 14/10/17 @ 09:44 AM.

I have just tried again and the issue is no longer there. Forwarded email appeared in TickTick straight away.

Please note I have tested from different email servers so the issue was definitely on TickTick's side.
Sorry for the inconvenience. We are looking into it now.
was this resolved? sent emails to and the unique email address have not shown up in ticktick
I’m having this problem as well. I’ve been sending emails over the last 12 hrs and they are not showing up.
Mine is not working too, tried multiple times and no success
I just tried to do the general email with my email address associated with my account and tried to use the specific email address for my account only. Both are not working. Is this a server issue on ticktick’s end? Or is there another issue?

I can add myself to this list. I am unable to add tasks by email, and have verified it's all setup correctly.
My problem fixed spontaneously
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