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TickTick 4.0 for mobile apps is available now.
Hey all,

TickTick 4.0 arrives with the all-new Pomo timer, improved Achievement system, powerful Statistic function, etc. You never know how good TickTick could be until now! We've fully released it on the iTunes and Play Store. Download now and discover more about:

- Pomo Timer
We implement this Pomodoro timer to help you log your distractions and stay even more focused at work.

- Improved Achievement System
We simplify the TickTick levels down to 10 levels and your achievement scores are now directly related to completed tasks and overdue tasks only. Additionally, you will be awarded when reaching certain levels.

- Powerful Statistic Function
You can now use the "Completion Rate", "Best working Hours" and a lot of new functions within the new Statistic section to track your productivity.

- Task Activities
Scroll up in a task view to see its activities.

TickTick Team with love. :)
pomo timer web version supported?
Will consider it in the future.
Hey, how can I translate web&windows app and correct errors in Android app translation? I'd like to translate it to polish.
For pomodoro technique I need all my devices to be synced with one timer ios/mac, if you can do that, than good. Also for iOS a pomodoro widget will be welcomed.
Hope you update design on iPad with this update.
Thank you for the Pomodoro timer. It's really useful.
LH Sport 2 - loaded for Wear and won't get passed "Loading". What do I do?
Greetings. I think the Pomodoro timer is a great addition. I have a simple suggestion to make it a more effective tool. When using the timer and selecting a task, there are zero sort options (using IOS). On a day where I have 20 things to do, I can't easily find the tasks I need to do. The first time I used the timer I had to cancel it to find what I needed to do next. If the select task function simply followed the sorting of the list selected, that would be much better than a completely random (to me) sort order.

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