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Suggestions and wishes. A lot of )
On team work:
1. The ability to assign a task to another person outside the general list. It is very inconvenient to create a task necessarily in the general list, and then choose an artist. Why not just choose an artist right away without moving the task to a common list?
2. Notification of comments without specifying a specific person in it. If I am the author of the task or the performer, then in any case it is important for me to see any changes in the task.
3. VERY IMPORTANT! Opposite to each task in the list or calendar is a note that there are changes in the task. A new comment, an attached file, an item in the checklist or a modified description of the task. This will greatly enhance the convenience of teamwork. I opened the list or calendar - and immediately see everything that has happened recently.

4. In the list of tasks for the first time, I would like to see the tasks with the execution time, and without it at the end of the list. After all, according to the logic of the problem without time - not so important.
5. Ability to open a task from the calendar. For example, by double clicking on a task - not a small window opens, but a full-fledged slider on the right (as well as in the task list).
6. In the Arrange Tasks in the calendar show not only tasks without deadlines, but also expired. Those that are no longer visible on the calendar. A trifle, but it would be convenient.
7. Merge comments in one feed and show them at once. Why do 2 clicks to do this? Most tasks usually do not have huge checklists or descriptions, and it turns out that the space between the task name and the bottom buttons just disappears.
8. Recognition of dates in Russian.

We will evaluate your feedbacks soon. Thanks.
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