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"Sticky Notifications" like in the stock "Reminders" app
Hello there. I just moved from Android to IOS. and I'm missing a feature here. It's that sticky notifications thing. everytime I unlock my iPhone and there's a "TickTick" notification. it go away. And I forget about that task. when I tried the stock Apple "Reminders" app. its notifications don't go away un less you take an action with the task. like "snooze", "completed", or "dismiss". So please bring this feature in the IOS app too.
Thanks a lot, best To-Do App ever guys!
sorry for my english. I don't speak it a lot here in Saudi Arabia.
Hey there :)
Your feedback has been noted. We will evaluate it soon. Thanks.
Thanks a lot guys. This will solve most of my life troubles lol, but seriously, thank you
yes this will be the best ever feature if you could apply this in the app.
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