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TickTick is no good anymore. I have a new app...
Todoist blows these guys out of the water, I want my damned $30 back
nope, TT is way better than todoist... even back in 2014 that was true. And they cost more. Their free app sucked compared to TT.
Hey, Mike,

It was really awkward to see the statement of the author above, and I'm so glad that you expressed what I had in mind.

As a matter of fact, TickTick has been improving at a great pace I haven't seen anywhere else in the past couple of years. The efforts TickTick is applying to build a great product is second to none. It's very unfair to state that "TickTick is no good no more", that doesn't make sense at all, so unless the author changed his mind and simply needed his money back, there is no reason to say this app isn't useful anymore, and if it's not useful now then hell it wasn't useful back at the time when he purchased his subscription.

I pretty much believe that TickTick should update their refund policy, to make sure that people who don't appreciate hard work and purchased the subscription to make use of the app and later on get their money back won't be getting a refund in the future.

Best regards,
Wunderlist and TickTick are both very good apps. But, what is really unacceptable is that both apps does not sorts alphabetically the completed tasks. The lack of that simple, basic feature, makes both apps useless for me and for thousands of people, potential customers, that have been asking for the inclusion of this simple but also important feature in the apps for years and years… without a simple answer form the developers. It is ridiculous, because they could make a fortune in monthly micro subscriptions just by including this feature.For example: I would gladly pay for a having a premium version of TickTick. Why? because the app looks good and has a folders systems that allows me to use it to what I need… a pretty Shopping List. That's all I need and that's all I want. So, I will pay for it if I have to. The developers seems to live in another dimension and they have not realized what they have yet. The same thing happens with Wunderlist. The lack of perspective is contagious! I need a clean, nice, good looking multiplatform app for shopping lists, with a folder organizational system, and a sorting for completed and not completed tasks. That's all. I don't need any other fancy stuff that I'm not gonna use ever. People have a disgusting tendency to make things over complicated without a logical reason!
@Reinier, TickTick does sort tasks alphabetically. But you need the *completed* tasks also to be sorted from A-Z? I'm sorry, but I have to be honest, I can't see how this is a "basic feature". In more than 12 years using different apps, never once I needed this feature...
@TopTech Actually, the truth is quite the opposite. I'm impressed by how fast these guys launch new features; the app keeps getting better and better each month. I'm worried they are not taking their vacations!
I was a happy user of GTasks for a long time and I'm happy to see where they are now.
This is not so hard to understand. Anyone with a minimum of logic and common sense would know that a listing application can be used in different ways, that not all people have the same requirements and that nothing is perfect. Anyway, I'm going to explain the situation to those curious trolls.

In our house, the purchases are made weekly. When I make the list of what is going to be bought on Friday night after I leave work (I can not bear to lose a Saturday in a market) that list is already ordered alphabetically. At the moment I'm using ColorNote, an application for Android and for a Windows PC. The problem is that I now use a Mac because in my work as Software Developer I was forced to use it to program in Ruby on Rails. Ok, so I need something that works for the Macs, and how I intend to buy an iPhone for the first time in my life in September when the Iphone 11 comes out, I need that app to also run on IOS. My wife uses Androi, as does my mom. The app has to be multiplatform (just like TickTick, which is awesome) and has to look good (done, TickTick looks great too). The app should allow me to share the list with my wife, so that she knows what to buy and as each one gets it, it is crossed off. That is, the tasks are completed.

Now, once something has been bought/crossed out of the tasks/purchases, I need that the next week I can re-mark it to be able to buy it again. Not everything I bought the previous week will be bought again the next one, because some items have not been finished yet. Therefore, I have to manually select from among all the marked items, those that I will uncheck again. As in TickTick app and Wunderlist app the completed tasks are not ordered alphabetically, this is super difficult job to do it. I do not want to spend too much time looking for an item to unmark it. I want to find it easy, FAST, just like I do with ColorNote (which I already told you why it will not work for me shortly). This is completly basic for me.

This is not exclusive to me. There are thousands of people in the same situation and their number is growing. Look at this page to see that the requests for the Wunderlist app of the alphabetical order of the completed tasks has already reached more than eighteen hundred.

This one with 1500 votes:

247 votes:

100 votes:

47 votes:

22 votes:

21 votes:

18 votes:

17 votes:

2 votes:

That means there are a lot of people who are unhappy, and if TickTick solves that deficiency, all those people will start using TickTick instead of Wunderlist. The TickTick app is good, but it lacks this functionality, which makes it unusable for me and thousands of other people. As simple as that. It is not rocket science, right?

I hope that this detailed and enlightening explanation has finally opened your minds. If someone has not been able to understand for some reason, please put your email here and I can send you the photograph of a large sketch drawn with a thick and shiny crayon, so that you can finally understand it.

Thanks for your attention.
TickTick is generally good but it's missing a crucial feature which is showing all recurring google events in a month. I don't understand why this is missing. Is not like they are saving a lot on bandwidth... Their JS script is larger lol

Plus there are few things that could make it no doubt better. I'd probably go with Todoist if it had a calendar but so far, this is the only decent todo app with a calendar.
Tick tick last a bit of common sense and prioritization skills, they prioritize a silly habit add on that is hidden by default instead of making basic core things better
Todo ist is worse than tick tick by a mile lol I dont know what you are talking about. just wish tick tick prioritize better
I agree wholeheartedly with Erick.
They need to work on feature parity between platforms and implement all the basic stuff before worrying about new features!
I found Microsoft To-do. Is awesome and multiplatform. The only down side is that does not have yet a folder system. Godbye TickTick. I warn you!
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