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Can't disconnect google login
I've tried to find an option to disconnect my google account from my TickTick account but I can't seem to find it.

I've recently changed my personal google account mail address and I wanted to update it also in TickTick. But after trying to log in with my new gmail address I get this error: "There was an error processing the token, pleast go back to homepage."

How can I fix that?

Sorry for the troubles. We are looking into it now.
Any progress? :)

Could you please right click in TickTick on the web->Inspect->Network->Click the error task on the left->click the one under Name on the right->Preview->Screenshot the whole page and send it to
The screenshot has been sent :)
Any progress with this issue?

We've been trying to fix the problem. However, all the google accounts seem to fail to change. And we can't find an account to reproduce the issue. Could you provide a test google account to help us find the root cause of it? It doesn't have to your personal account or any using account. You may send it to if you don't feel comfortable leaving it in the Help Center.
Ok, I've managed to reproduce the issue with a test google account. Right now I'm sending login credentials and a description of how I reproduced the issue to your support e-mail address :)
Hi. Any progress?

We have found the issue. Will try to find a solution to it within the shortest time. Meanwhile, we've fixed your account already. You shall be able to log in now. Please give it a try and keep us posted.
Unfortunately google login still doesn't work for me :(
Please give it another try now. Sorry for the inconvenience. Last time we only fixed the test account you provided. Now they both should be working correctly.
Yup, it works now :)

Thanks, you're the best!
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