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TickTick win app is available now
Hey all,

TickTick PC is available now

Key improvements:

- Support time and date duration;
- Support set reminder on sub task;
- Support show sub task in task list;
- Support quick set date ;
- Support batch edit task;

TickTick Team
Hi, #hash tagged titles don't link now to tags in the new version. preview.
Windows Defender believes that the file is a threat.
the app isn't syncing properly. on my phone it has all the recurring tasks up to date but not on my windows app
Great update!
Please enable smart date parsing for russian language.
Why login to windows pc app is required to update the app?
Whats new in
Please make the settings of the beginning of the week
Still in my Windows 10, making this desktop app full screen will hinder my mouse to trigger the auto-hide task bar. This problem exist since the first version of desktop app.
Hello Kevin,

Could you provide some screenshots to We will look into it soon.
thanks guys ! but I would really like you to add the option of choosing the theme (for example as in web version, app and other places) !
Could really use intra-day reminders - custom would be best; hourly at a min.
Hi, Where can I download the Windows version?
Found it ;)
The windows app is refusing to sync with my account. It does not recognise I am a premium user either.

Please Add Pomodoro timer to Windows app
Please Add Pomodoro timer to Windows app +1
Please make bigger the right window with the task information, it will be great, if it can be adjustable. Thanks
I am using the new Windows app, but dates are screwed up.
Top is Windows app and below is web-app.!Av412IocyrwzgqQmvtZJMpKdZHT-yA

Inbox is not working. It shows an empty list. Tried clean installation with no luck!
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