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Does not sync back to google calendar
I like the App, it has a better interphase than GTasks. My problem is that it did synchronize initially and shows all the Google tasks. But after the first time, it does not seem to synchronize either way. If I add a new task on google it does not show on TickTick or vice-versa. I am not sure if I am not waiting enough although it has been more than one hour. The issue is the same for the online application or Android. The synchronization between Gtasks and Google works great and it is almost instantaneous.
Please let me know if there is something that I need to do to solve this. If not, the use of TickTick is of not much use to me.
Thank you

TickTick does not support to sync with Google Tasks. Another app of us - GTasks can work that way. As you mentioned "it did synchronize initially", you might have used GTasks to login TickTick and that will cause a short term syncing, but it's not correct and it wouldn't last long. If you want a better service with us, we recommend you switch to TickTick entirely (sign up for a new TickTick account). If you really need to sync with google tasks, you can stay with GTasks. Let us know if you need further assistance.
So, a full account with Tick Tick won't sync with google tasks, but your GTasks app does (without the excellent TickTick functionality?)
Thank you for the answer. I will continue using Gtasks in place of TickTick. Your Gtask app advertises GiTick as something better but it does not describe the lack of synchronization.
When I found out, canceled the yearly subscription less than a week after purchasing, but it gave me a message that the money would not be returned.

Refund of a TickTick premium account is available within 14 days after the purchase. If you have any problems with requesting that, please provide your TickTick account and transaction info to
Same problem for me, work on it , you will have more costumers
I think the same goes for outlook It does not update.
Unfortunately, we do not support to sync with outlook at the moment. This function will be considered in the future. Thanks.
I definitely intend to get a refund for Premium within the 14 days, as I totally expected two-way sync. Todoist does this with no problem.
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