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Automation via Email

I'm investigating TickTick as a replacement for Todoist and you're well above an A+ so far. The only major lacking I've run into is the API, I see it's scheduled for "by the end of 2017", but it's a foundational necessity for my work flow due to complex non-weekly cycles. It looks like I should be able to do what I'm looking for via the email task submission for the time being but it will result in me using IFTTT to generate a large number of emails at once several times a week. I'm fine with that but in the documentation I've found so far it appears that the email entry system doesn't provide access to many of the features of TickTick, for example subtasks.

A large chunk of my work day tasks would logically collapse into a checklist so long as each item had a designated reminder time, which I can set up in the various clients. Is there a syntax to describe a task/subtask set within an email's body? There is a dev response stating that if I attach a .ICS file it will be parsed if possible and made into a task, I'm not familiar with the format, does it support subtasks? Could I include the text of that file in the body or does it need to be an attachment? I don't yet have premium so I can't make use of subtask reminders, once I do have premium will lines that contain a time factor, "check the widgets 4:30am", automatically be parsed when I switch the task to checklist mode? Currently they do not, but currently I don't have that feature.

Experimentation shows that including !!! in the subject does not result in setting the importance, is there a syntax for this?

As well if I'm using the email entry system, it appears that I won't be able to sort tasks except by tags, which aren't really organizational. Nor does there seem to be any way except the android app (and I guess the iOS app) to designate location reminders, I find this necessary manual secondary interaction prevents me from ever making use of location reminders but that's another topic. By the way, location reminders are essentially the same in todoist, I've used them maybe twice.
I just had my process for this trigger naturally for the first time and I've run into an oddity with relative date date handling; I have IFTTT configured so at the start of the calendar event representing my work shift, 10PM local time 5 tasks are submitted for "11PM today", "2:20am tomorrow", "5:40am tomorrow", "9am tomorrow", and "9:40am tomorrow". When these tasks arrived, the 11pm today task was set for 11pm tomorrow, and the rest for their times the day after that.

I've experimented with manually sending tasks from gmail and it appears that currently at least, today is tomorrow, and tomorrow is one further; perhaps this is a conflict with server times and IFTTT, gmail, or your servers have crossed the date line before me. Normally the client would be an authoritative perspective, but the email isn't serving that purpose.

Excluding the date factor seems to work fine, for all of these cases the designated time is the next occurrence of that time so there's no ambiguity.

By the way I'm in GMT-4 currently, I haven't done any testing to find the edge of this issue but if your nearest server is 2 hours east of me, or more, then it's probably the offset between us prior to midnight for me.

An additional side note, I have ticktick configured to remove the date, and that isn't happening to emailed tasks.
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