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Tasks not updated in Google Tasks
When I add a new task in TickTick Android, the same is not getting synced with Google Tasks. Anyhow my concern is to know whether if I change my mobile, will all my tasks in the previous mobile get automatically updated in the new mobile with same user login

TickTick will not sync with Google Tasks. Another product of us - GTasks will work this way. You may give it a try.
Thank you for your prompt feedback.
I have a suggestion for improvement of TickTick app:

While adding a new task, it would be nice with date and then time window, pops up first. Bcoz anyhow a task will be having a deadline. If this is difficult to do so, I would suggest that, date /time tab could be positioned at the bottom of screen for ease of use with single handed mode.

Moreover an option to select a different notification tone for important tasks would help to identify specific important tasks.

Sorry, we have no plans to change the position of date/time info in the chrome extension app.
Sorry, I was suggesting to make changes in Android App only
You can just swipe on a task to make changes.
Wow. That's great ThanQ for that update. I wasn't aware of the feature. It works simple & handy
I have a suggestion with regards to reminder on repeat events.

When a repeat event reminder fires, snooze option shall have a option to change date "ONLY FOR CURRENT EVENT", so that future events are not changed.

Kindly consider adding feature

You may left swipe on the task->quick date->then select postpone. That way it won't affect the task's future recurrence.
That's great.! Thank you for that update.
I have a suggestion. It would be more useful if you could include an option to select different notification sound for some Important events. Please do consider.
Hi! Why ticktick doesn't sync with Gtasks ?
uninstall ur app(
What's the problem to Tick Tick connecting with Gtasks? I'm looking for an app like yours but with voicing input capability (Google or S-Voice)
When I first signed into TickTick it grabbed my tasks from the calendar but it will not update
new tasks
Hello. When I opened Gtask, I was prompted with something like, "Would you like to sync with TickTick?" After looking into it a bit, I decided to do this. However, now I have TickTick and my Gtasks are gone. This is not my idea of "syncing." I did not expect all of my tasks to disappear. Please tell me how I can find my tasks from Gtask. You may want to reword the question to, "Would you like to replace Gtask with TickTick and lose all of your current tasks?" Thanks for any help, please!
Does TickTick synced with Google Tasks yet??
The only thing keeping me from putting TickTick to the front of the list is synchronization with Google Tasks & Google reminders Are there any plans to do this?
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