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Google calendar sync
Hey TickTick support I've acquired the premium version knowing this will allow me to integrate my tasks with google calendar because I manage my calendar on google calendar, when I add a task in TickTick it doesn't sync the task to calendar, from what I've read it takes 12 hours to appear in the calendar, is there a workaround to that could you please provide with guidance because I really need the google calendar sync to work with TickTick


Please refer to the three links below:
Hi thanks for the reply but this doesn't help, I've integrated TickTick to my google calendar, the issue is that new TickTick tasks are not syncing to the calendar


There is delay exist and that's not controlled by us. Once you've subscribed your TickTick to Google, it's up to them to process the sync and make it appear. Let us know if you need further assistance from us.
I'm interested too! Any news?
Hi, been using tick tick for months with Google Calendar. The 12-hour sync is pretty annoying. Anybody know of any workarounds? If not does anyone know of any other to-do apps like tick tick that sync with Google Calendar instantly?
Yeah, I don't get why it is so hard to do an instantaneous sync between TickTick and Google Calendar !!! I can instantly sync my CRM system ( with Google Calendar, so it is doable!

And, you should take a look at Todoist, which also does a two-way sync instantaneously!

This is the most annoying deficiency in TickTick. I'm giving up on TickTick. Lots of other good features but, if you're paying for a Premium account, a two-way instant sync is mandatory.
I was using Todoist and didn't have any problem on sync. But with TickTick I'm facing this problem.

I'll test if it will go after 12 hours. but today, before deciding to do this test, I removed ticktick from my google calendar and sync it again, all the tasks showed up.

I guess it is a must fix to ticktick
Bt the way, that was the only issue I found out so far
This post was started nine months ago, why hasn't this been improved? I've just found this post having created my own post about the problems:

This has made me come to one conclusion: I only need TickTick for tasks with sub-tasks or low/medium priority. Everything else should be scheduled and Google Calendar does a better job of that, which makes me think I'll cancel the subscription, but I do I like the custom lists, so maybe I'll keep it.
I also have a pro account and would like to be able to be able to edit calendar events and find it inconvenient that it takes 12 hours for ticktick and GC to sync. If this isn't in the plan for the future I will be cancelling my pro account when renewal time comes and look for an alternative program.
I am interested in a subscription but this seems to be very bad.
I would love a 2-way synch with Google Cal and ticktick so much! Biggest downside for me. :(
agree, needs urgent attention! had i realised this i would not have subscribed.
You'd think since it's been a year and this thread is still very active, the developers would at least give us an update or assurance there will be a solution.... I hope this gets solved really soon.
I can only say +1 for 2-way sync.
I was really liking this app over many others and about to get the premium account, but after reading all of this, I’m changing my mind a
Improve the sync! This issue may keep me from moving my team onto TickTick.

I also need to have this feature if Im going to stay with ticktick. Todoist does this perfectly with 2-way sync. Please prioritize this as it seems like a lot of people want this!
I just signed up on the understanding (from the website) that Ticktick synced with GCal. Naturally, I assumed it was an instantaneous two-way sync.. Can you call such a long delay "synchronisation"? Todoist does it without any problem, so why not Ticktick? Please prioritize an urgent update! A lot of people really want this.
The solution to Google calendar does exist.
The Cronofy API offers real time calendar updates. it's been working flawlessly with Google Calendar & Evernote for years.

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