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Billing - change of payment time
Now I am paying monthly for TickTick - I am paying via credit card in Google Play.
I want to change it to paying one time yearly.

How do I change the payment time for TickTick from monthly to paying one time per year ?


Unfortunately, we do not support to switch between plans at the moment. You will have to manually cancel your monthly plan first and re-purchase with an annual one. Thanks.
When I cancel my monthly plan, the only option it gives me is to resume my monthly plan. It does not give the option to buy an annual plan. Do I have to cancel my monthly plan and then let it fully lapse before I can by the annual plan? I'm worried that if I let it lapse, it will cause problems for me, like removing certain settings or tasks that are premium-only. So once people buy the monthly plan, that's it? We're stuck with it?

Sorry for the confusion. You will need to cancel the current plan, then wait for the current plan expires before you could resubscribe to it. And, downgrading will not result in lost data. :)
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