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[Feature Request] Add shortcut for 'send todo to folder'
Hi Ticktick team,

I'm raising this request for Mac desktop version of latest Ticktick because right now there seems to be no way(or do we?) to send a todo item to a specific folder using a shortcut after they have been added to the inbox, and adding support for this would be a huge convenience and time saving for keyboard users like me, since we don't need to move the mouse way down to the 'folder' selector, clicking on it and staring on the screen on which folder to send to, for every todo items. There could be tens of them in a day. Here're some of the features that I can think of:

1. a shortcut to call out the action 'send current item to folder'
2. [optional but good to have] supporting keyboard navigation(like Mac native Ctrl + N/P navigation support) or selection(based on folder name or something else) on which folder to send to

Let me know if it sounds valid to you and if we are putting it on the list for the next couple of releases. Thanks:)

Thanks for your feedback. We have noted everything and will evaluate them in the future. Currently, the MacOS app still lacking many basic functions that we need to implement first.
+1, I would like this also. THINGS does this pretty well.
+1, seems todoist has this feature. Generally ticktick is much better app. It is unfortunate it lacks this feature.
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