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Smart Lists
How can I access my Smart Lists on the desktop version?
On ios

Did you mean macos app or win app?

I have a similar question.
I created a Smart task list, it works well in the custom section but it never appear with the other smart list ( like tomorrow ...). the issue only exist with firefox ( 54.0.1 version ). It work well with mobile Appli.


Do you mean a tomorrow task in your custom smart list is not showing outside the list, even in Tomorrow?

Could you double check whether the task has a due date on it and it's set to be tomorrow?
No , i just mean that the smartlist i've created doesn't appear in the left menu with the others smartlist of ticktick like tomorrow , next 7 days .......( it only appear in the custom section ).
Custom smart lists are only appearing in the custom section, even on the mobile app. If you meant differently, could you please provide some screenshots to
I 've sent come screenshots.
On mobile APP , smartlist appear in the menu just after :
JOB ( my smartlist ).
I didn't on destok with Firefox or IE
I created several custom Smartlists on my Iphone. I do not see how to access them on the desktop.
I just figured it out. Sorry,
Em... I have the same issue, I would like to know how you figured it out. On the desktop the smartlist only appears in the separate section and not the sidebar.
Smart lists appear under the pre-defined TickTick Smart lists in the Custom section.
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