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User Permissions for Sharing
This is a feature request in regards to user permissions.

TickTick is an amazing foundation, but it can use some work in regards to team and sharing. Being able to set user permissions would be the most useful feature in this regard.

Meaning a manager or even a parent can set up a list and share/invite someone to it. But the manager or parent can restrict what that user can do for the tasks within that list or folder.

So the manager can restrict the employees from changing due dates (by accident or on purpose) or moving tasks to different lists etc.

It is as simple as having user permissions and setting to:
1. can edit
2. can only view and complete
3. Can only view

that's all that would need to be available for each "master user" to be able to control for the people within that list or folder.

What do you guys think? I think it would bring ticktick to the next level in regards to sharing and collaborative work.

Thank you

Unfortunately, this is not on our current list. Your feedback's been noted, will be reevaluated when time's mature.
Yes!! Since I use this for staff - having the ability to make sure lists aren't altered/changed by someone other than the creator would be great...
Badly require this feature, as earlier I was using it for myself. But now I don't mind paying for it even for my employees
Any update on this, it’s very much needed for efficiently using the shared lists
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