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Is it possible to reverse the list date sequence . . .
Is it possible to reverse the list date sequence so that Today tasks would be at the top of the priority list instead of the bottom? This change would allow Today tasks to be where they naturally should be -- at the top of the list. Unfinished tasks will migrate down and when their time comes, one would simply reorder it to the top by scheduling it for Today. This would be a very helpful improvement, unless that function can be configured now.

Does that make sense?

Thank you. Great app.

You may sort the tasks with date filter. That way Today tasks would be at the top of the list.
Hi Lexi- Thank you for your reply.

Unless there is another approach that I did not see, the date filter is only slightly helpful. Yes, it rearranges the tasks so that Today tasks are at the top, but then the overdue tasks are sequenced from the oldest to the newest, with Yesterday tasks at the very bottom. This configuration is not conducive for easiest planning with the most recent tasks at the bottom of the list (except for Today tasks).

Just to be clear, the most recent tasks should be at the top of the list, starting with Today tasks and arranging in date order from most recent to oldest, at the bottom.

Do you agree with my analysis?

If this is not achievable with current ways to configure TickTick, can you add this filtering configuration with the next update?

I hope so.
okay, we will evaluate it soon.
Lexi- hi. Whatever happened to my query regarding putting Today's tasks at the very top of the list? This is a terrific app, but you guys are really missing this very key observation.

When I open TickTick in the Today and All lists, the tasks that I created for Today should be at the very top(!), and below that, tasks from the most recent date to the least recent (oldest) date, in a descending list going back in calendar time.

Now when I open TickTick, I have to cursor down a list of the oldest tasks to get the newer tasks, and then finally, to Today tasks. That shouldn't be.

I hope you developers see this important observation and will do your utmost to remedy it. Kudos to all of you for creating such a great app. It's a shame that it's not configured for optimal use.


Thanks ~
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