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TickTick win app is available now
Hey all,

TickTick PC is available now

Key improvements:
- Support to drag lists and create folders;
- Edit task in task list;
- Task progress;
- Copy task;
- Copy list (Pro);
- Open web shortcut;

TickTick Team
And the download link?
You can download it from our website.
1. When setting the time of the task, it would be nice if I could type out the time and then click enter. Currently if I type it out I still have to use my mouse to save. This gets particularly annoying if the dropdown menu with times comes up and after typing in the time, I still have to go find it in the drop down menu and click on it.

2. Would be nice when the mouse is hovering over the date button of a task to show the "quick dates" like setting it to today, tomorrow, etc. instead of having to go to the full calendar and change it that way.

Other than that, amazing app! Thanks for the great work!
Would be great if the user could select the order in which All, Today, Next 7 Days, Calendar, etc are listed on the left hand side. I personally would like Inbox, today, Next 7 days, Calendar, and All listed in that order. TO me that makes a better priority way to list these. If they could be user adjustable that would be great.
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