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TickTick win app is available now
Hey all,

TickTick PC is available now

Key improvements:
- Support to drag lists and create folders;
- Edit task in task list;
- Task progress;
- Copy task;
- Copy list (Pro);
- Open web shortcut;

TickTick Team
And the download link?

You can download it from our website. Thanks.
1. When setting the time of the task, it would be nice if I could type out the time and then click enter. Currently if I type it out I still have to use my mouse to save. This gets particularly annoying if the dropdown menu with times comes up and after typing in the time, I still have to go find it in the drop down menu and click on it.

2. Would be nice when the mouse is hovering over the date button of a task to show the "quick dates" like setting it to today, tomorrow, etc. instead of having to go to the full calendar and change it that way.

Other than that, amazing app! Thanks for the great work!
Would be great if the user could select the order in which All, Today, Next 7 Days, Calendar, etc are listed on the left hand side. I personally would like Inbox, today, Next 7 days, Calendar, and All listed in that order. TO me that makes a better priority way to list these. If they could be user adjustable that would be great.
Would be nice to be able to rearrange subtasks as well
"You canownload it from our website" is about the least helpful reply when someone asks where to download the app.

The Help Center is housed within the website, but the download link isn't here. Where am I supposed to look?
Hi, for the Windows 7 app, could you please give us the option to disable notifications for desktops? I always have my phone sideby to be able to snooze it. Plus, when I do get notification on my laptop, I snooze it,,,but after few seconds the same Task reminder will still come up on phone too. So this is quite annoying to deal with them on both sides..
Windows 10, 64bit. Tick tick app doesn't recognize time in task, for example 13:00 or 14:00
@Sydni : Here?
Found that less then 1 minut on main page of TickTick/home
There should be option to turn off notifications on desktop app. Persistant reminders are good on phone and always work even when you are out or about, but on the desktop, I would like to use Ticktick to organize all the tasks quickly and to bookmarks
Parabéns pelo aplicativo.
Muito obrigado pelo seu excelente serviço!

I'm using TickTick for Windows

There are two issues with the interface design for which I'd suggest improvements:

a) List colors very thin when app is maximized (When minimized, no problem):
TickTick Windows has very thin color stripes for lists. Over the default blue interface color it is really difficult visualizing the lists color as blue or purple.
The Web interface is much better, having thicker color stripes as you can see.
Please, improve Windows app to match thicker color stripes of the Web app.

b) Very thin width for note pane (right pane):
There are plenty of space in the middle pane (tasks). On the other hand, the note pane is very thin in Windows app. For instance, it is very bad for reading emails forwarded to ticktick.
The Web interface is much better, having the adequate balance of the task and note panes.
Please, improve Windows app to match width of note pane of the Web app.

Here there is a snapshot showing in detail the suggestions:

Please, fix sync issues in Windows desktop app.
If Desktop app is opened and I delete a task using the WEB app, even after force sync (sync button) the Desktop app doesn't update the deleted tasks.
The deleted tasks still in the Desktop app until I close it completely (including the tray process), and restart it and sync again.
The other way works properly. I mean, if I delete a task in the Desktop app it will reflect immediately into the WEB app.
If you need further info about the issue, let me know.
Please, fix a bug when renaming folder groups in Windows desktop app.
As showed in this screenrecord (, I have a group named "DATES" and folders "Dates" and "Dates @".
If a change the name of the folder group "DATES", then change the color of either folders "Dates" or "Dates @", the changed name is removed and the folder group will be renamed to former name again automatically.
When I select multiple tasks and copy (ctrl+c), TickTick isn't send content to clipboard, in order I can paste it into apps as Word and Excel.
Could you please make possible to copy multiple tasks to clipboard?
Need Totally Dark (Like Twitter) on Desktop & Web app.
A little feedback which seems minor but has been bugging me a little. I find the colour scheme difficult alongside the windows interface.. The edges seem to merge with all my other browsers and it would be good if it didn't and was more solid in appearance
All my tasks are postponed to exactly 30 minutes on android & web app, while on windows desktop app everything is fine.

I am feeling pissed off. How do I make all hundreads of my tasks correct everywhere?
Bug: Feedback feature in windows desktop app diverts user to mailbox with an email id, which bounces back.
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