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Repeating calendar events
Hello! I have subscribed by google calendar and can see my events on the web version of TickTick. However, I only see the first instance of my repeating calendar events. I have enabled "show all repeat cycles" and I can see all of my repeating tasks. However, I cannot see all of my repeating calendar events from my google calendar. Is it possible to show repeating calendar events?
Hello Alexandra,

Unfortunately, we only support to display the first event from the whole repeating cycle of third-party calenders. Let us know if you have further questions.
Hello! Thank you for clarifying. That is unfortunate, as I was hoping to use TickTick as my primary planner. Do you happen to know if the next event will display after the first event has occurred (e.g., repeating event on Monday happens, event will display on the next Monday)?
Yes, this is correct. The next event will display after the first event has occurred.
I do not agree with this is the best way,
If for example we have a meeting every Monday, this should appear on the monthly calendar 4 times, every Monday!,
Please consider this improvement in the next versions.
Thanks Lexi! I appreciate your help. Would be possible to add this to TickTick? I would find it invaluable to my workflow.
I agree with Pedro.
You can create repeating "Goals", not Events in Google Calendar. It's normally show in TickTick.
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