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Issues Upgrading to Pro
I have upgraded to Pro from my iPhone, but when I use TickTick on the web or the Chrome extension, it is still saying I need to upgrade. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Could you please restore your premium status, see if that helps?
It seems to be working today on my desktop. I was receiving an error message when copying and pasting more than 1 attachment to a task, but today pasted 2 to test and had no issues. Thank you!
For some reason, my iPhone had the Monthly subscription when I signed up for the Annual Premium Subscription. I cancelled the Monthly subscription and today I got charged for the Annual membership which I signed up for 2 months ago. Now when I look at my apps, it shows I was subscribed to Monthly and Annual. How did this happen? I believe this charge today is incorrect. Can you please check into this? I can't find any account history on your website, in the app, or anywhere. Thank you!

According to the record, It shows correctly on our side. We received three payments from you:

2017-08-09 monthly
2017-09-09 monthly
2017-10-09 annual

If you have further questions, please let us know.
I did not sign up for Annual yesterday. I only cancelled the Monthly on Sunday.
It should have told me it was switching me to Annual. I would have told it not to. I had no indication I would be charged for annual and assumed I was erroneously being charged for monthly.

Do you want to cancel the annual plan while remaining monthly subscription only? You can contact us via with your case. We will figure it out for you.
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