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Task options screen Android

Until recently, there was a behavior to the tasks that were notified on Android. Upon touching the notification for a certain task, a screen of that task with certain options would pop up. The user would have the option to custom snooze the task, for instance.

Since recently, if I touch a task that is in the notification bar, it opens directly in TickTick and I don't have the multiple snooze options anymore. Moreover, if I touch "back" I lose any track of the task, it disappears from notification as well, even though I've not checked it.

I'd like to access various options for a task once its notification appears in the notification bar on Android.

Am I missing something, like maybe a setting somewhere?

Thank you!

Sorry for the inconvenience. This function was removed on purpose since the last update. However, we had decided to bring it back again because of many of the feedbacks from our users. Let us know if you have further questions.

I actually realize, after today's use of the app, that there has been a change in the notification options, as well. If you touch "snooze" the app actually displays that pop-up I was talking about. The notification used to have the option just to snooze 15 min. Now it has this. I think so far that for me it is good enough as I've just found out it currently works.

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