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Set up reminders for the connected calendar
Good afternoon, I tried the Google calendar connect feature.
And there is a remark, a reminder is put only day in the day of Birthday and does not allow it to change.

When should I prepare for a gift?
How to remember in advance?
You may set a reminder in advance. You shall find it in the reminder settings. Let us know if you need further assistance.
Yes, tell me how to do this?
Click in the task-> tap its time settings -> Reminder -> choose a reminder in advance
When you click on the task time, nothing happens (indicated the location of the click on the screenshot)
Sorry for the misunderstanding. Reminder in advance is not available for subscribe events. You can create a new one in TickTick and use this feature.
That's why I say that if we connect Google's calendar, this function is not enough.
Please consider it to add!
Okay, we will evaluate this idea soon.
Good afternoon, when can we wait for the solution of this question?
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