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Feature request: use Emoji to personalize list/folder icon

First let me thank you for the great service TickTick is offering: really a pleasure to use. However, I want to send a suggestion/request.

Is it possibile to add the ability to personalize list/folder icons using emojis?
Wunderlist (now Microsoft To Do) or Todoist manage this in a really simple way, just adding the emoji at the beginning of the name of the folder/list and using it as the icon of the folder/list.

Would be really top notch!
It is already working in the Android app, but not in the web app (using Chrome with Windows 7).
Don't know why, but on my android Phone (7.1) naming the lists with anche emoji at the beginning of the nane doesn't change the icon of the list :/
Do you want to replace the icon of the list?

For me it is enough to show the emoji at the beginning of the list name. But it seems that the font used in the web app doesn't support emojis entirely as the Android support.
Yes, exactly. This feature is well known to Wunderlist users and is even part of Microsoft To Do now.
It's a really nice touch!
Hello guys,

Your feedback's been noted. We will evaluate it soon.
Thank you!
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