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Calendar unresponsive
I'm using the Windows beta app and I get a lot of unresponsiveness when moving tasks around on the weekly calendar view.

I switched to the web app and am actually getting the same thing. Usually it's if I move a task to a new time-slot, then move it again within a short space of time.

Now I have a task that says "Invalid Date" as the time/date when it's viewed on the weekly calendar view, but actually says July 18 for the date if you open it up but has no time (even though it's sitting at 7:30 on the calendar view).

After waiting 5 minutes I refreshed the web app, and the task is now an all-day task. Moving it to a time moves it there, but it still says invalid date, and no time has been applied to the task if you open it. Refreshing again, it's back to an all-day task.
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