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Description and Sub-Tasks Disappearing
When I drag a task in the Web App from the All Day section in Calendar View below to set a time duration the sub-tasks and description within that task just disappear. Further, it shows the date as an Invalid Date. The duration seems to work if I manually enter the start and end time from within the task itself.
Please look into this ASAP as I have lost some important information. I can't afford to let it happen again.

One other thing worth mentioning is that when this happens the whole app just hangs . None of the buttons work until I restart it.
Hello Rishi,

Sorry for the troubles. We have found some bug issues contain. Could you let us know whether the hanging problem is reproduce-able?
Yes it is reproduce-able. The hanging problem doesn't happen when the task is in the Inbox. However, when that task is part of another List then the problem occurs. One other thing I noticed is that when you drag the task from the All-Day to a time duration below it comes down and then goes back up. Only when you drag it for a second time it works. The invalid date problem can be solved by dragging the bottom of the task up and down.

The Reminders and Notifications have also been behaving very erratically lately. Sometimes they work and sometimes they are late or sometimes they don't trigger at all. A task that I had and which was part of a Hidden List didn't trigger at all today. I had set multiple reminders on it.
Hello again,

Thanks for the information. We have traced down the root cause of it, will fix asap.
Btw, tasks that belong to a hidden list won't be notified. That one is not a bug. :)
Thank you for the information.

I do get reminders of Tasks in hidden lists. I think they only do not show up in smart lists like all day, today, etc.
However, what I'm saying is that this reminders are not reliable because sometimes they don't turn on.
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