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Двойные уведомления на разных устройствах
Hello, I posted your question and I did not get an answer to this question, except if you want to receive notifications twice, then it should be so, although I did not say, That so it is necessary to me. I'm pissed when on the phone on the computer you note the performance, rejection or deposition of the task, then the same thing needs to be done on the phone so that it does not squeak and hang in any way

Sorry for the incontinence. This is the way how we designed it to be at the moment. We will make certain adjustment in the future.
I can know in what application versions you will make changes?
Sorry, we can't put an exact date on it. But this function is definitely in our future plan.
and how it is possible to see your future changes which you plan to make?
You can check our changelog on the web, or follow us on Facebook/Twitter.
How can i find your group
Search for TickTickTeam on Twitter or TickTick on Facebook.
And can you please tell me what date did you post the records?
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