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Relative Quick Time Selections
I would love to have additional quick time selections that allow me to set the due time in +x minutes/hours

Example use case:
1. I have a task that is due at 5:00pm.
2. Current time is 5:25pm (so the task is overdue)
3. I swipe left and select the calendar icon (to bring up the quick dates/time form).
4. On that form I a pre-configured option of +30 minutes. This would set the new due time to 5:55pm.

Ideally in the config module, you allow for the setup of additional "relative time" selections So as an example, I would configure Smart Time 3 to be +30 minutes. Smart Time 4 to be +90 minutes, and Start Time 5 to be +18 hours.
When I engage the "Quick time selection" form, I have new options of +30min, +90min, and +18hours.

Thanks for reaching out. We will evaluate this feature idea soon.
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