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Configuring folder settings to remove/hide "All Tasks"
I've created a folder for three of my lists within the iOS version of TickTick. When I do that, all three of the individual lists are nested within the folder as well as a new folder list titled "All Tasks" with a combined count of the tasks in the three included folders.

Is it possible to remove and/or hide this "All Tasks" list within a folder so it is not displayed? For this specific folder there's no benefit to combining all those tasks, and it's just taking up space on my screen when I want TickTick to present as streamlined an interface as possible.

I share Sindy's arguments and join her request as well!


Hello guys,

Thanks for reaching out. Your feedback's been passed to product team and will be evaluated soon.
Any updates on this? Thanks.

To show/hide "All Tasks" list under a folder is available now. Please go check.
This looks PERFECT, and is exactly how I'd imagined. Thanks for implementing this suggestion!
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