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Issue when re-scheduling tasks

I see an issue since several months and it really start to bother me!

On Friday when I move not achieved tasks to Monday, all tasks with a reminder are moved on Monday but loose their reminder! This is quiet anoying as I need to set again all the reminders! Strangly it seems to happen only on Friday. Moreover tasks have different reminder hours.

Hope you can fix it.
I use android 6
Hi , sorry for the inconvenience . We've tested this in our side , but could not reproduce this issue . Could you provide more details ?

I think a found a way to reproduce it:
- create 2 tasks for today with different reminder for example 9 and 10 o'clock
- select both tasks
- click on calendar
- choose date
- select another date, in 2 days for example
- result is both tasks are moved to in 2 days but reminder is lost!
- I would expect that reminder is kept unchanged
- a few months ago it was the case

Can you fix or revert?

I am a "power user" and really need this.

Hello Gregory,

This is not a bug, but how we designed it to be at the moment.

Hm... Then it is quiet annoying.

Any hints then to move several tasks at one time with different reminders without loosing the reminders?

It is really annoying because then we loose the reminder but also other Infos like recurring tasks.

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