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TickTick 3.8.0 is now online for iOS & Android
Hey all,

A new version of TickTick has been full released. We have made some key improvements in this update:

- " Time Duration “ function is now supported to work across more than one day. For example, you may create a task that starts from today 4 pm and ends at 10 am two days later.

- Brand new premium theme of Seoul city

- Optional Premium app icon for iOS ONLY.

TickTick Team
Not only does this latest version crash a lot on my iPhone 7, I have no idea how to even set time duration since the option seems to be removed on your app. As a premium subscriber, please fix this ASAP.
Hello Alex,

- Could you specify the steps of how it crashed on your phone to help us reproduce this issue?

- How to use "Time Duration" function on iPhone:

Create a task -> Tap into its detail view -> Tap the date info at the top -> Tap Date at the top & switch to duration -> Tap Time & Select between normal/advanced mode

Firstly I'd like to say how much I love this app! It took a year of searching to find a to-do-list app that functions in the way I need, and this does what I need and more. Such a big fan!

However..... for the first time ever, this update has wreaked a little havoc to my tasks that were listed prior to this update.

I have many tasks that were given calendar dates prior to the update, that are now no longer appearing in calendar view (in all forms such as list, month, day or 3/7 days). Even though I can confirm there are still dates on these tasks.

I have counteracted this by implementing the "next 7 days" smart list, in which I can now see my tasks that are missing in calendar mode, now appearing with their dates in a scroll down list. Obviously I can only see one week in advance, but as far as I can tell, my tasks missing in calendar view can now be seen here.

This will suffice for now, but I do hope that this issue has and/or will be noticed now, and that adjustments will be made in the next update. The seamless calendar integration is such a vital part of how I use TickTick.

Many thanks again for such a brilliant app!

Could you let us know the platform you are on?
No worries! I am on iOS, on iPhone 6.

Could you specify the settings for missing tasks? For example, start time, end time, repeat settings..etc.
Thank you very much for the quick responses. It is highly appreciated!

The majority of the missing tasks belonged to a specific list. In this list there are tasks which belong to every Sunday, every single week. I do this because I need to personally identify each week of the year and this is perfect when seen in monthly calendar mode. My completed and upcoming Sunday tasks (my identifiable weeks) that used to show up on every week on the calendar, now only appear very sporadically. To elaborate, I now only have 6 Sunday tasks (4 completed, 2 upcoming) for the entire year that show up in calendar view, instead of my usual of 46.

These tasks that identify each week do not have a start or end time, just simply their Sunday date so I can see them at the beginning of each week. Also not a repeat setting involved here. No reminders for these tasks and they were never involved in a time duration.

The other few tasks missing from calendar view are also similar in that they weren't on start or end times and weren't on repeat settings. But they were from a different list. Luckily my repeated tasks weren't affected by the update.

Thank you!

Thanks for the information. Could you please provide some screenshots to We cannot reproduce this issue on our side for now.
The duration should also have the option to just put time needed like 30min 1 hour etc as there most of the time you need to know how long it will take to prioritize your tasks
Dear Sir,

I have been using Tick Tick for quiet some time and am happy with the app.

The app got updated today and is causing some issues for me.

I had disabled reminder pop ups option. Earlier when I clicked on the reminder in notification, the reminder pop up will come and I can snooze the reminder according to my choice.

However right now, if the reminder pop up is disabled and if I choose the reminder in notification area, it opens the app.

This is inconvenient for me as once the app gets opened the snooze option is not there.

Is there any method of going back to previous version as I don't want reminder pop up but I want the pop-up on clicking the reminder in notification area.

Looking forward for your reply.


Hello Rajnikant,

Thanks for your feedback. We will change it back to the way it used to be in the next update.
Thanks for the quick reply and thank you very much for accepting my feedback.
This app updated this morning for me and while I haven't noticed any of my lists being different, the app itself is crashing constantly and lags so bad. When I check off an item, it takes up to 10 to 15 seconds just to mark it done. The app is completely frozen until it is done processing. This is especially upsetting when I'm trying to check of multiple items and I'm sitting and staring at my phone for a minute waiting for tasks to mark as done so I can click another r task.... Wait.... Click another task.... Wait.

I am a huge fan of this app and use it daily, but this lagging and crashing is just the worst.

Also, it suddenly can't talk to my Gmail app, so the feedback button doesn't work. It says it can't find my email app, so I came to the forum for help.
+1. ... Experiencing the same problems. Is there a way to revert back to the previous version?
PC-web to Mobile App sync properly (have not checked every detail)

New entries made on Tablet sync to others.

Changes made on Tablet do not sync anywhere.

Changes made on others do sync to tablet.

All have latest App Updates, Devices are Android 7 latest update, All permissions are granted.
The TickTick app on my Android Samsung S6 is no longer synchronizing with my laptop Web app.

today is the third day in a row when Tick Tick doesn't work properly.
I experienced problems with lags, issue with sync. Even tap to complete task is a challenge.
Installation of new updates (three or more) didn't help :-(

Of course I love Tick Tick and believe that you can mange this issue :-)
Yes, we are aware of the issue. Devs are trying to fix it within the shortest time.
To add to the issues- I haven't gotten a single reminder popup since the latest update.
@Eain, what platform are you use?
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