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Add to TickTick chrome extension not working
Lately when I've tried to add a webpage or email in gmail to TickTick via the chrome extension (i.e. using the right click menu or button in gmail respectively), I get a box with the TickTick logo and a 3-dot loading animation that hangs there. I've tried this across multiple computers (Windows 10 and OS X) with the same issue. I have signed out and back in. And I have removed and reloaded the extension via the chrome web store.

Sorry for the troubles. This is a known issue, we will fix it asap.
Also... either using the "right-click" pop up OR the gmail button... The due date field does not work.
Any insight as to when the Chrome extension may be fixed...?
It shall have been fixed already. Please give it another try.
Thursday, 7/20... I have uninstalled and RE-installed the extension, yet again.

Due dates STILL not working.
Sorry for the confusion. There might be some delay. You may give it a try later today.
Still not working for me, doesn't sync and goes unresponsive every time I try and open it.
There were some issues occurred with the server. We've fixed it, please give it a try later.
Not fixed, doesn't sync then goes non responsive and crashes
The expansion of Chrome does not work. At startup, the processor loads 100% and turns off with an error.
Hello Ivan,

If you continue encountering issues with the service, you may right click on the web with TickTick -> Inspect -> Console, and screenshot the page to Thanks
Thank you. While there are no problems.
The chrome extension now appears to work correctly for webpages and, for the most part, in Gmail. However, I've run into an issue when using the "Add To TickTick" button in Gmail where the date selection calendar popup pushes the buttons (Set Time, Clear, OK) below the frame and become unselectable. (This does not appear to be an issue when using the feature from the right-click menu.)
We have found the problem. Will fix it asap.
The issue with the extensions for Chrome and Gmail still occur with my installation. Whenever I click the Chrome or Gmail extension it just hangs.
Why didn't anyone fix this yet?
still occur for me using chrome on mac
On my Mac i still cannot add the issue with the extensions for Chrome and Gmail still occur with the installation. Any solution?
I also only see three dots when I click on "add to tick tick" from a message in gmail. Any suggestions?
I have updated chrome and cleared cookies for 'all time' and though i see a pop up its extremely enlarged and background is basically is not in a working state. Has anyone seen any resolutions?
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