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Failed to Upgrade via Paypal
I checked my Paypal account and funds are available. Why would Paypal not want to complete this transaction?
They have never failed to complete a transaction before.
Does this have something to do with your end of the paypal?
Thank you.
HI! The same issue, I can't upgrade via Paypal.
Having problem here upgrading via PayPal, guys work this out please, my husband is already a premium user, I just need to be on premium.
hi i'm also having this problem canu plz help me
Me too.
I upgraded this morning....PayPal transaction went through fine.was charged the full annual upgrade fee, but no upgrade occurred. Thanks for your attention.

Addendum: I see a "crown" over my avatar now (I knew I would get a tiara one day). I guess that means I'm now upgraded, so I'll poke around and see.
Hello Bob,

If you still have issues with using premium functions after the purchase, you may restore your premium status and it shall help with the case.
Thanks for the fix and quick response.
I'm having problems upgrading via PayPal today. I tried multiple times using different payment methods in my PayPal account but tickTick says "Failed to Upgrade" each time. Please advise. Thank you.

Update: I was able to upgrade via the iOS app. I'm all set.
Cannot upgrade. Keep getting same message.
Hello Cerese D,

What message was it? On which platform did you try to upgrade?
I'm having problems upgrading via PayPal today. TickTick says "Failed to Upgrade" each time.
Same problem here. Trying to upgrade to premium but fails via Paypal.
I was able to upgrade on my phone through the app. Not on my computer. Now the upgrade shows on all platforms. Thank you!
Same problem here. I've been trying to upgrade via Paypal for the past 3 days, and I'm getting the same error message every time:

"Failed to Upgrade
Sorry, failed to upgrade to Pro. Please upgrade again."

Any help?
Same here.

Got the message:

Diese Zahlung ist nicht möglich.
Ihr PayPal-Konto ist in einem Land registriert, in dem automatische Zahlungen nicht zulässig sind. Bitte gehen Sie zurück zum Händler und wählen Sie eine andere Zahlungsmethode.

(Payment not possible. PayPal registered in a country, where automatic payments are not allowed.)

Country in my case: Germany

In former times also. Registration for PRO only possible via android app, but more expensive!
Register via Android costs 29.99 EUR
Register via Web costs 24.29 EUR
Difference of more than 5 EUR - WHY?

@Ashy, could you please provide the payment record to We will look into it for you

@fant, Unfortunately, Paypal does not support Germany area for any subscription services. You will have to upgrade in store. We priced the same on each platform, but each platform has different calculate method with the currency changes. That's why it came out differently.
@Lexi, This is strange, because with my Spotify Account in Germany it works. Spotify books every month through PayPal the monthly contribution.
Hi Max,

We've tried several times, but Paypal still won't allow.
Hello, I'm trying to upgrade with paypal but it doesn't work.
I can see people are having the same problem.
In my case, I tried several times to add the card, but it doesn't go forward with this step.

What is your location? For some specific locations that Paypal will not support the subscription service. Have you tried to upgrade through mobile app?
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