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Email notifications
I am searching for a Wunderlist replacement. I rely on receiving email notifications for wunderlist activity (new tasks, comments, completed tasks, etc.) Is it possible for me to receive these same email notifications for tick tick?
Hello Nathan,

Yes, once you've subscribed your email into TickTick, you will be able to receive notifications of those events. Let us know if you have further questions.
I don't receive email notifications, I need to change something in the settings??

Could you double check your calendar events have due dates & you've enabled notifications in TickTick? Keep us posted.
My calendar events have due dates, How or where I can check if the notifications are enabled??
Hi Lexi,

I believe Nathan is talking about EMAIL notifications, which has been requested many times in these help center, me included.

Is there any update on that?

Best regards, Iman
Please may I add my name to those requesting email reminders.
Looking through the forum, it seems that this has been promised many times but has not yet been implemented.
Any idea when it will all happen?


Dear TickTick,

As requested by me in January—and by many of your other clients on several occasions previously—when, please, are you going to deliver on your promise to offer email reminders of tasks??


+1, when will email reminders be implemented?
I would also like this feature, if it doesnt come soon, will have to look for something else.
We will start developing this feature soon. Will be implemented in this year.
Hi, can you help me? where i can enable this feature in web interface?
Why it takes so long to set up such a simple and basic notification function? I subscribed the premium account but unfortunately cancel it.
Is it enabled? Email notifications very much essential.
Any update on email notifications? It was going to be implemented back in 2018.
Hi guys,

Sorry that we've adjusted our roadmap. We will reevaluate the idea in the future if needed.
It is needed, it's amazing it's not already included.
Yes, email notifications, please!
Please let us have email notifications.
Sorry Xin if most of us don't believe you when you say this, but we've been hearing the exact same comment for a few years now on everything, being 2FA support, sub-folders, API support, email notification, or any other important/critical request.

You and your team need to come up with a better answer for your loyal users.
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