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I need to speak with someone in customer service I can find away to do that? Where is a contact number?

Due to time differences, our customer support team is not available for making contact via phone calls. You may contact us at We will reply to you within the shortest time. Cheers.
For some reason 1 of my tasks can't be deleted. It is making so that all my tasks are not updating or consistent on all devices. How do I fix this issue?
Which platform was it when that one task wouldn't be deleted? On which platform did you create that task? Please specify your case and we will look into it for you asap.
Where exactly do i look for - turn off auto-renew?
I created a task by copying from one task to another and now the copied task will not delete. I feel like something is being lost with the explanation, I would prefer to discuss with someone over the phone so we can figure this out.
Could you first specify three questions for us? Our support team will then be able to help

- on which platform did you create the task? (ios,android,web,chrome extension)
- on which platform did you try to delete it, but failed? (ios,android,web,chrome extension)
- have you tried to sign out TickTick and sign in back, see if it helps?
Both computer and Android
Yes I have tried signing out and signing in
It was an Android phone app

Both the computer and Android failed to delete. But now my phone shows all my tasks have been complete.

Yes I have tried signing out and signing in

Also, I have been working on it for the last week. if I sign off again and sign on, will all my work be lost.

I have also signed on multiple times on other computers and it says I don't have any tasks


- Did you mean "computer" by PC or on the web?
- "Failed to delete", was the task been deleted and appear again in TickTick, or it's not deletable at all?

- Please also provide some screenshots of your case to We will look into it for you.
I created the account on my phone. Then I created the task on my phone. I have tried to delete it on both. All of my tasks are now gone on my phone. But I can fortunately still see them on the web on my office PC. But when I log on from another computer, it shows that I have no tasks. I will send a picture of the task to the address you gave me right now. I will reference it "Frozen Task".

I've had a lot of back and forth between you guys (through your and this platform) and I'm not getting any answers. I'm going to have to cancel my subscription if I don't get it resolved in the next couple of days and use another platform. Please advise asap. Thank you.

What is going on with being able to sync all my computers. I have to make a change here soon if I don't get it resolved. Please reply asap. Thanks
Dear Customer Service. I have been managing my tasks on my work computer for the last 3 weeks and then printing it when I go out in the field because for some reason I can't get it to sync with my phone. I could really use some help to figure this out. I have updated my phone's software.

I know we are on a different time zone. But if you could even give me a time to call you, and a phone number, I would stay up just to be able to reach you during your work hours. PLEASE HELP. If there is no chance you can help me or maybe you are going out of business, I understand and will figure out how to move onto a new platform. Just let me know so I don't keep spinning my wheels. Thank you.

Could you please reach out to with your case? Our team will do everything we could to help you with it.
I would like to upgrade, can i pay with my card without using paypal.
@Never Give up,

You can upgrade in store via iTunes or Play Store via a credit card.
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been charged for the pro subscription twice - via google play, and via PayPal.

I would like to get my money back via PayPal. I am OK with google play subscription.

Please advise.

It turns out that my subscription was prolonged until 09/30.
Anyway, I am going to cancel PayPal subscription.

Please take that issue into account.
My account, tasks and callender are not syncing better devices, android phone, laptop and windows app, please suggest, i am a pro user
How many days should I expect to wait before I get a reply from Ticktick's customer service? I sent my email exactly 48 hours ago. I'm fine with waiting for more days, but when you promised to reply within the shortest time, isn't 48 hours too long?
Hey Trang,

Sorry for missing the emails! We will ask the billing team to process it asap.
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